Pasini Basses views bass sound as the result of two distinct and combined constituents:

The TIMBRE , or the “color”, the voice of the bass.

DYNAMIC RESPONSIVENESS: the way the instrument responds to your fingers plucking the strings.
Different building combinations of woods and pickups will give a different attack - from round, warm,
almost “laid back”, all the way to quick, sharp and immediate - evenness of presence through
the spectrum, separation of notes in chordal playing.

Such dualistic thinking allows the necessary focus on every element critical to achieving
the bass which will feel almost like it is pulling music out of you.


Since our beginnings, we put hands on basically every high end pickup on the market, made by both big
industrial manufacturers and small artisan makers, only to never be 100% happy with the result. Something
was always missing in relation to our ultimate goal: to build the instrument that facilitates everything you reach for.

Until we started collaborating with Italian pickup artisan MP Pickups(, who focused deeply on our
requests and provided us the highest levels of headroom, transparency and dynamic efficiency.


If you want a short scale but you are worried that your B-string might suffer from it, we have a little
video that shows a 30” scale delivering one of the most focused B-strings ever.

Pardon the bad quality, this is an old one! However, it shows that a short scale bass guitar
is all about advantages, and zero ISSUES, all the way from playing ease to harmonic liveliness,
to expressive nuance, provided the builder really knows what he's doing!